CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: Babysitting, Relationship Troubles and New Bosses


Paula’s new focus on her future law career has caused problems for her at home on CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND and tghe first of two new episodes this week will take that situation a step further. Meanwhile, Rebecca tries to deal with a Josh who has another girlfriend and gets a new boss at work. Here are a few teasers about what’s to come on this week’s double-dose of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND.

Trouble at Home. Paula and her husband are having serious marital problems and she forces him to leave but it’s going to throw her life into disarray, especially with her upcoming field trip to the state Supreme Court.

Resolving their Issues. The unintentional side effect of Paula’s troubles and subsequent breakdown at work is that Rebecca realizes she’s been selfish and offers to pitch in so Paula can go on her trip. Rebecca is convinced she can take care of Paula’s youngest son, Tommy, but a mere 12 hours into her 48 hour babysitting job she’s already at her wit’s end.

Not Being Weird. While out at the grocery store for a snack run, Rebecca runs into Josh and tries to convince him that she’s not entirely obsessed with the fact that he has a new girlfriend. And when she learns he’s getting a cold she sends him soup as a gift. But when her note gets destroyed and he thinks Anna sent him the soup, Rebecca is on a mission to correct his false assumption. And then the situation turns into Adventures at Babysitting when she brings Tommy to a club to while tracking down Josh and loses him.

Work Problems. In the second episode, Rebecca finds out that Daryl has brought on a co-owner for the firm, but Nathanial Plimpton (the new co-boss) is a hard-liner when it comes to work. Rebecca hates everything he represents, but when he tells her that four people are going to get fired so they can cut the budget, she vows to bring in $250,000 of new business by Friday so that people can keep their jobs. Will she succeed? You’ll have to tune in to see!

You’re also going to see some very interesting development in the Rebecca and Josh relationship in these episodes. Let’s just say that their chance at a future may not be as over as we had thought.

Don’t miss two all new episodes of CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND tonight (June 6) beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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