APB Preview: Going High-Tech to Solve Crime


When we first meet billionaire engineer Gideon Reeves in the series premiere of APB, he’s just witnessed the death of his best friend in a botched attempted robbery. But Gideon isn’t one to take a problem lying down, so he uses his own money to take over the 13th District of the Chicago Police Department and sets out to make it a modern crime-fighting unit.

Using cutting-edge technology and a new app for people to report crimes, Gideon manages to ruffle the feathers of a lot of people. So he recruits allies — including Officer Theresa Murphy (a street-smart cop who is willing to embrace Reeves’ technology) and Ada Hamilton (Reeves’ gifted tech officer) — to help him convince others that his way of fighting crime is the future of the police force.

The cast includes Justin Kirk as Gideon Reeves, Natalie Martinez as Theresa Murphy, Ernie Hudson as Sgt. Ned Conrad, Taylor Handley as Officer Nicholas Brandt, Caitlin Stasey as Ada Hamilton, Tamberla Perry as Officer Tasha Goss and Eric Winter as Scott Murphy. Len Wiseman (LUCIFER), Matt Nix (BURN NOTICE), Dennis Kim, Todd Hoffman and Robert Friedman serve as executive producers.

APB premieres February 6 at 9/8c on Fox.

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