PRISON BREAK Preview: Coming Back to Life

“The dead talk…if you listen.” So says Michael Schofield. And he’s certainly someone who should know, because this is a man who has cheated death several times on PRISON BREAK. Back when the series first ended everyone thought Michael was dead, having sacrificed himself so that Sara and his unborn child could live. But when Fox and the producers decided to do a revival series, having one half of the show’s central duo being dead wouldn’t have worked, so Michael Schofield is very much alive now.

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How? That’s one of the questions that will presumably be answered when the show returns for a limited run this spring. But until then we’ve got a new preview to tide you over. When PRISON BREAK returns, Lincoln gets word that his brother may not be dead, courtesy of T-Bag. Traveling to Yemen along with C-Note, Linc learns that his brother is very much alive….and trapped in another prison (this is *PRISON* BREAK, after all). Michael seems determined not only to escape the prison….and the country, which is being thrown into a civil war.

PRISON BREAK returns on Tuesday, April 4 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. Watch the new preview below and browse through photos from the mini-series above.

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