CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: Taking Josh Home to Meet the Family


When we last met Rebecca’s mother in CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND she seems to hate Josh. So when Rebecca prepares to to bring her new (serious) boyfriend home to New York she’s understandably worried about the reception he’ll get from her family. Does her worry pay out?

The Honeymoon Stage. In the early days of their new relationship, Rebecca and Josh are convinced their relationship is foolproof. They even sing a song about how they’ll never have problems again. Heather, meanwhile, is completely grossed out by their delusion and is convinced it’s unrealistic, but the happy couple don’t want to listen.

Seller’s Remorse. After realizing he made a mistake in selling half of his firm, Darren is convinced he needs to look more like a successful business man in front of Nathanial and offer to help. But Nathanial isn’t eager to work Darren and it’s clear that Darren is no longer in the loop when it comes to his own business. And he’s definitely not aware of the huge new client Nathanial is supposed to be getting from his father. But maybe…just maybe…Nathaniel isn’t the monster he pretends to be.

Are We Okay? The one person Rebecca hasn’t told about Josh yet is Valencia and that changes this week. How does the ex react now that she and Rebecca are friends? She doesn’t seem that thrown that Rebecca and Josh are together, but she is convinced that Josh is “lost” and “all over the place” — which is something that Rebecca denies because, once again, she’s convinced their love can overcome anything.

All in the Family. It’s clear that Josh is concerned about seeing Rebecca’s family again, but he needn’t worry — despite a few initial hiccups, Rebecca’s mother LOVES Josh. While Rebecca wanted the two to get along, she seems horrified by what’s actually happening.

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