FAMOUS IN LOVE Sneak Peek: The Audition


I. Marlene King (the Executive Producer of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) is bringing another famous young adult book to the small screen with FAMOUS IN LOVE, which will air after the spring premiere of PLL.

FAMOUS IN LOVE revolves around ordinary college student Paige, who goes on an audition for the starring role in a Hollywood blockbuster (also based on a popular book). The clip below features the audition between Paige and Rainer, a popular actor who is set to be her co-star if she lands the role. And it looks like the pair get a little steamy during the audition.

Later, Paige does land the role, which means her ordinary life is no more because she’s about to star in Hollywood’s next big film. Her chemistry with Rainer will also continue to grow, which could lead to a relationship in the public eye. But her new life — balancing Hollywood and her college workload — strains her relationship with her two best friends – particularly Jake, who may be more than just her friend.

FAMOUS IN LOVE stars Bella Thorne as Paige Townsend, Carter Jenkins as Rainer Devon, Charlie Depew as Jake Salt, Georgie Flores as Cassandra Perkins, Niki Koss as Alexis Glenn, Pepi Sonuga as Tangey Turner, Keith Powers as Jordan Wilder and Perrey Reeves as Nina Devon.

FAMOUS IN LOVE will premiere on April 18 on Freeform.

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