CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: A Leap from the Window

chicago fire

On last week’s CHICAGO FIRE, Severide heroically made the commitment to donate his bone marrow to Anna (played by ROOKIE BLUE’s Charlotte Sullivan) but unfortunately, on this week’s episode, it looks like fate has other plans.

While on a call, Severide climbs in through a window to save a young woman from her burning apartment. Unfortunately, after he safely gets the girl back outside onto the ladder, the room seems to explode and he must make a hasty exit…through the window….from the second floor. Luckily — as we see him later in the episode being treated by one of CHICAGO MED’s fine doctors — he did survive and will recover fully.

But the downside? Due to the fall and subsequent bruising on his pelvis, Severide will be unable to donate the marrow he signed over to Anna. And if viewers remember last week’s, because Anna has already started to undergo chemotherapy (essentially destroying her immune system), if she doesn’t receive new bone marrow immediately after the chemo treatment ends, her body will shut down and she will most likely die. Will the doctors be able to save her, and will Severide have any feelings of guilt if they are unable to do so?

Catch an all new CHICAGO FIRE tonight (January 17) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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