POWERLESS Preview: Just an Ordinary Person in an Extraordinary World


No one ever really thinks about the civilians in a world of superheroes — at least, no one thinks about the civilians unless a hero is trying to save them. But after the day is saved, what happens to the civilians who are just trying to live an ordinary life and come home to find out that their apartment has been collateral damage in a hero’s fight againt a supervillain?

That’s the question that POWERLESS is going to answer. Vanessa Hudgens stars as Emily Locke, a young Charm City resident who gets her dream job in Research and Development at Wayne Security. She’s not working for Bruce Wayne, however, she’s just working for his cousin, Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk). Emily and her colleagues are responsible for designing products to keep innocent civilian bystanders safe during superhero battles. Unfortunately, they have a few kinks to work out.

Several DC heroes all get nods in the preview below — from Superman to Batman to Wonder Woman. There’s no telling whether any of the marquee heroes will appear in the show, but one hero that will be prominently featured is Crimson Fox, who can be spotted in the video below.

POWRLESS premieres on February 2 on NBC.

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