SUPERGIRL: The Cast Talks The January Premiere and Working With Kevin Smith


When SUPERGIRL returns from its hiatus this week, Kara will investigate the case of a mission woman after her mother approaches Snapper for some help.

When we visited the set of SUPERGIRL back in the fall, we watched a scene where Snapper is approached by a woman he clearly has history with, who tells him she needs his help with his daughter. Ian Gomez (Snapper Carr) hinted that “what happens is that of course it’s not just a simple missing persons thing, there’s something behind it that is actually a big story. But on the surface it just looks like a teen runaway and Snapper’s not interested in that because that happens all the time. It’s not news and we shouldn’t waste our time on that when there are other stories. What happens is Kara wants to explore that story, doing research on it because she has this feeling and Snapper is trying to tell her that you pick stories with your head, not your heart. And she does it the opposite way where she gets a feeling about it and she goes for that. Snapper is trying to teach her that you’re going to get into trouble that way and stay removed. Pick it with your head and don’t get involved emotionally.” Gomez also hinted that in this episode “you get a little peak into his past and maybe something that has made him so removed emotionally from the news. He tells Kara this story of what happened to him when he was young, a young reporter, and he tries to let her know not to get emotionally involved in these things. You need to try and stay as removed as possible. For me, this is a good [episode].”

Meanwhile, as Kara investigates this case there’s still another problem for her in town: Guardian. The fact that he’s popped up to help fight crime hasn’t exactly thrilled the city’s sole hero. Mechad Brooks (James Olson) hinted that Kara will eventually find out about Guardian’s true identity in a “very dramatic fashion”, but until then the characters are “at CatCo and I’m writing my article on how amazing the Guardian is and how he stopped the crime. And Kara’s writing her article about Supergirl. We’re having a secret war. So I’m team Guardian obviously, she’s team Supergirl. [There’s] a little funny scene [in tonight’s episode] where both of us are trying to push our agendas….In true form on our series, [the situation is] handled really well but also comically. I’m sticking up for [Guardian], she’s bashing him; I continue to stick up for him, she’s bashing him; Winn sticks up for his suit, I look at him like he’s crazy. So we have this multilayered rapport happening between me trying to support the Guardian and her feeling a little superhero jealousy, perhaps. And then later on it gets a little more serious.”

Melissa Benoit definitely feels there’s a bit of jealousy on Kara’s part, saying that “I don’t want to say too much, because it is really fun the way they develop it [but] I think she’s suspicious and distrusting of Guardian and not quite sure what his true motives are.”

Finally, Kevin Smith brought a lot of energy to the set on the day we visited, playing music between filming and always encouraging the cast. When asked how he liked working with Kevin Smith Brooks said “Why don’t you ask Kevin Smith what it’s like working with me? [laughs] No, I’m kidding. It’s awesome. I’ve loved Kevin Smith since CLERCKS. I was a huge JAY AND SILENT BOB fan but Kevin is an actor’s director. He’s a crew director. He’s a lighting director. He’s a camera director. He’s everything. He’s everybody’s favorite. And he makes you understand that it doesn’t have to take eleventy billion hours to get the right thing, you know? And to make it look really good. And he also brings this amazing energy to the set. He’s always applauding, laughing, clapping, yelling out things that are funny. He sort of makes the day go quicker.”

SUPERGIRL returns from its winter hiatus with all new episodes tonight (January 23) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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