SUPERNATURAL Midseason Premiere Recap: Did the Winchesters Escape to Freedom?


Sam and Dean Winchester have landed in prison before, but this time they were incarcerated courtesy of the federal government. When we first saw the brothers on the SUPERNATURAL midseason premiere, they had been brought to a black site-type prison and were locked away. A special anti-terrorism federal employee tried to get the boys to talk, but when they remained silent he told them they would be locked away indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Mick (of the British Men of Letters) had been trying to make inroads with American hunters, but it wasn’t going well. In fact, he had been trying to actively recruit some hunters to the BMOL way of hunting, but he was refused at every turn. One hunter, Wally, had no interest in taking orders from a “limey paper pusher”.

Back at the bunker, Mary was confronting Cas about leaving the brothers alone after their confrontation with Lucifer and Kelly. Cas’ next stop was a bar where he asked Crowley for help, but he refused. Crowley seemed convinced that the brothers were “like herpes” and would find a way to come back from this. Still at the bunker, Mary answered a call on Dean’s phone from Alicia, Asa’s daughter who was asking for some help with a hunt.

In prison, day after day, the brothers got fed mediocre food and tried to get used to being in isolation. Sam worked out a lot, while Dean kept track of the days by scratching up his wall.

When Cas and Mary next reunited, Mary apologized for blaming Cas. By this time six weeks had passed without any word from the brothers. Cas had caught wind of a hunt himself and admitted that he had failed at it.

While Mary and Cas were failing at finding the brothers, one of the guards found Sam dead in his cell. A moment later, they opened Dean’s cell and declared him dead as well. Soon after both brothers were brought to the morgue and the agents seemed disappointed and shocked that they had both died on the same day.

Moments later, Dean woke up, gasping for air, finding his brother already awake. When the doctor returned, Dean grabbed him as Sam asked where they were. The doctor claimed he didn’t actually know the location of their prison so the brothers snuck out of the building and Sam found a map in one of the nearby trucks as Dean called Cas. They quickly realized they were in Colorado and told Cas to hurry and come pick them up. On his way, he called Mary to give her the news.

Back in the prison, the feds realized the brothers had escaped and they called in some soldiers to go hunting the hunters, who were running through the woods to get as far away as possible.

Mary swung by to pick up Cas and head over to Colorado as the Winchesters continued to try and evade their soldiers. Cas’ idea, meanwhile, was to call the BMOL to serve as their backup as they headed out to save the brothers. Mick agreed, but he wanted it to be known among the hunting community that they had helped the Winchesters (because they needed the good PR). Fortunately, Mick and Ketch were aware of the location of the prison in Colorado and immediately got to work trying to find the brothers.

As Sam and Dean incapacitated one of the soldiers, they grabbed his walkie-talkie and told the others they should leave. The soldiers seemed convinced the brothers had nowhere to hide, but Dean just told the soldiers that they would be on the losing end of this battle. After all, these guys are professional hunters. After finding a nearby cabin, they devised a series of traps to take down the soldiers and waited for them to arrive.

The brothers quickly took down two soldiers, then a third. Sam took down the fourth who stormed the cabin (and then handed him a first aid kit). Dean finally took down the Secret Service agent and then all of the feds were down. Sam told them that the President had been possessed by the devil and they saved his life, while Dean told the soldiers to leave them alone — or else.

As the brothers reunited with Cas and Mary at the edge of the woods, they learned that the BMOL had used a satellite to track their location. Mick said they were happy to be of service, while Ketch questioned the fact that the brothers hadn’t killed the soldiers.

As Cas and the Winchesters drove off, their car died. Enter Billie. Dean revealed that he had made a deal with Billie in order to escape, then sent her to talk to Sam. In exchange for her help dying and being brought back in order to escape the prison, Billie was going to permanently reap one of the Winchesters. Cas and Mary were horrified by the deal, so Mary offered herself up in her sons’ place.

As Mary put a gun to her temple to kill herself, Cas stabbed Billie with an angel blade. “Cas, what have you done?” Dean asked. But Cas explained that did what he had to do because the world needed “every last Winchester it could get”.

Later, we got a little update on the state of the soldiers, all of whom had been killed by Mr. Ketch. Now everyone who knew about Sam and Dean’s attempted presidential assassination was gone, thanks to the BMOL. Mick was also happy to report that he had finally made some inroads with the American hunters — specifically, with Mary. “I’m listening,” she told him after he gave his little spiel.

Watch a preview below for the next new episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on February 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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