SCANDAL Sneak Peek: Can Olivia Convince Others that Cyrus is Guilty?


Olivia is convinced that Cyrus is responsible for Vargas’ murder right after his electoral win. And on the season premiere of SCANDAL last week, she managed to get her hands on a tip from a staffer who said that Cyrus had Vargas killed. The U.S. is facing a huge crisis on the show, however. With President-Elect Vargas now dead, no one is entirely sure who should become President. Cyrus, after all, was only the Vice President-Elect when Vargas was killed and Mellie had lost the election (albeit by a small margin). Of course, if Olivia was able to prove that Cyrus was responsible for the election night assassination that would be the easiest way to ensure that he never actually becomes President.

But Olivia is in for a fight. When she tells Fitz, Abby and David about the voicemail and her suspicions about Cyrus’ guilt, they all insist that they have a suspect for Vargas’ murder in custody and no one can find any evidence that Cyrus was responsible for blowing up the staffer’s cabin. Elsewhere in the episode, Fitz calls Cyrus and Mellie together and insists that they figure out how to handle this unprecedented electoral crisis.

This week’s episode is also going to show us flashbacks to the later stages of the election and reveal just how far Olivia was willing to go in order to ensure that her candidate won.

A new episode of SCANDAL airs tonight (February 2) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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