24: LEGACY: Meet the Characters

24 legacy

Jack Bauer might be MIA, but 24: LEGACY is a fitting continuation to the original series. Six months after a group of Army Rangers kill a terrorist, Sheik Ibrahim Bin-Khalid, and some of his men, Bin-Khalid’s remaining followers come after the soldiers, who have since been placed in federal witness protection. As they are picked off one by one, solider Eric Carter realizes that he’s needed to save the day and ensure that these terrorists don’t threaten the homeland with another attack.

Meet the characters of 24: LEGACY below. The show premieres tonight (February 5) at approximately 10:30 p.m. ET/7:30 p.m. PT after the Super Bowl. 24: LEGACY then moves to its regular day and time on Monday, February 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

Eric Carter. Eric is the new Jack Bauer. The former squad leader of the Army Ranger unit that killed Bin-Khalid, Eric is just trying to live a normal life with his wife in federal witness protection. But his wife starts to realize that Eric has been different since he returned from the war. He doesn’t have PTSD, he just seems to miss being in a war zone. So when Bin-Khalid’s followers come after Eric and Nicole, Eric relishes the opportunity to get back into the game.

Before Eric and Nicole get attacked, Eric gets a call from the only other living member of the squad: Ben Grimes. Ben is a drug user who was very messed up as a result of the war and believes that the U.S. owes him something more for his service. At first Eric is skeptical when Ben says they’re being followed (after all, Ben is an extremely paranoid junky) but when he realizes Ben is right he sets out to search for his friend and see if he can save him as well. Eric also reaches out to Rebecca Ingram — the former director of CTU who also helped mastermind the raid. Together, the pair have to try and stop Bin-Khalid’s people from orchestrating an attack in the U.S.

Rebecca Ingram. Rebecca is the highly-praised former director of CTU. When we first meet her in 24: LEGACY she’s receiving a congressional medal for the Bin-Khalid raid. Rebecca has spent her life in counter-terrorism, but she made a deal with her husband, John Donovan, to give up her life at CTU to help her husband with his presidential campaign. On the day of a major fundraiser for her husband’s campaign, she gets a call from Eric about her soldiers being killed and she’s immediately thrust back into the action. When Eric warns her that they can’t really trust anyone, she secretly signs in to the CTU network to help him find Ben. At the same time, she needs to deal with the possibility that the man she appointed as her successor — Keith Mullins — may not be as innocent as he seems.

Nicole Carter. Nicole doesn’t understand her husband after he returned from war. When they’re attacked by Bin-Khalid’s people, she’s sent to stay with Eric’s brother, a criminal and her former lover. But will someone expose her safe house and threaten her safety?

Senator John Donovan. John genuinely seems to love his wife, Rebecca, and he’s happy to let his wife live in the spotlight for her accomplishments. But this presidential campaign is his time, so when Rebecca blows off a fundraiser to take care of something at CTU, John starts to get agitated, insisting that nothing there is her problem anymore.

Andy Shalowitz. Andy is a computer expert at CTU and has a close working relationship with Rebecca. When Rebecca comes to him with word about what’s happening to the Rangers, he helps her get into the system and track Ben and Eric.

Keith Mullins. Keith is the new director for CTU, having been hand-picked by Rebecca herself. His personnel changes immediately makes Rebecca suspicious. But when Eric tells Rebecca that someone in the government may have given up the Rangers, Rebecca thinks that Keith may be working with the terrorists. Has he committed treason or is there another explanation?

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