CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: A Dangerous Suspect on the Loose

chicago fire

On this week’s CHICAGO FIRE the danger level has been jacked up to 10. After Dawson and Casey are followed into a store by a man with a gun, everyone is on alert. But when that same man is the suspect in a landlord’s death, no one is taking any chances. As Boden says in his team-rallying speech “ere on the side of caution”.

The mysterious case also has its fair share of intrigue. The murdered landlord, Denton, has an extensive record and has been convicted for multiple weapons violation and they suspect that the murder victim and suspect met in prison.

Finally, Dawson has a moment with a key person of interest. A woman whom the department saved comes up to Dawson and confesses that she witnessed the suspect in the building on the day the landlord was found murdered. She was scared for her life and her daughters’ lives when the man came up to her and proclaimed her to be “the chosen one” after the fire department decided to save the girl and her mother instead of him.

Catch all the drama in an all-new CHICAGO FIRE tonight (February 7) at 10:00 PM  ET/PT on NBC.

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