FRESH OFF THE BOAT Sneak Peek: Old Folks and New Pantries


On this week’s FRESH OFF THE BOAT a reorganized pantry causes apprehension amongst the Huang children as they believe it’s their mother’s sanctuary and she’ll be upset by the changes. In a surprising character twist, Jessica loves the changes Louis enacted, making the bulk items more accessible and organizing the soup cans by expiration date.

After a fun scene between Jessica and her sister belting out a rendition of The Color Purple, we see the boys in a convertible with Marvin and Honey as they go to check out their future home. The only problem is that their future home is an Old Folks Home. While this may be the perfect set up for Marvin in a few years, Honey is only 28 and this might cause some relationship troubles.

Watch an all-new FRESH OFF THE BOAT tonight (February 7) at 9:00 PM ET/PT on ABC.

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