SWITCHED AT BIRTH: Bay Gets a New Job and Daphne Suffers from a Scandal

switched at birth

Mingo and Daphne’s photo from last week’s party blows up online in this week’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH. The photo goes viral on a local social media site, with quite a few people accusing them both of appropriating black culture. Daphne’s friend Iris is particularly upset and a petition starts circulating to remove Mingo from his position as RA. Daphne doesn’t seem to understand why they did something wrong and she takes her freedom of expression argument to the local paper via an op-ed piece.

Meanwhile, Bay approaches the city’s hottest tattoo artist for a job, but the lady doesn’t want to give her a chair, just an apprenticeship. Bay is understandably upset as this is a demotion from her job in China, but things become particularly hairy when a customer asks Bay to tattoo her instead of going to the shop’s owner.

Meanwhile, John needs a new pitcher for the school’s team and he wants to transfer in a student. Unfortunately, the student demands a car, which just happens to be against the NCAA’s rules and Kathryn’s moral code.

Finally, Regina and her boy-toy get paired with another student to do a project, but he’s not happy to be working with the “old lady”.

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