THE 100: Marie Avgeropoulos Teases Octavia’s Continuing Evolution in Season 4

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There is a rebellion building in Polis in this week’s episode of THE 100 and Octavia is going to take on a big role among the Grounders as her evolution from arker to grounder continues. Over the years since members of the 100 touched down on earth, we’ve seen Octavia go from a girl who was hidden aboard the ark to a young warrior and that will be continuing in season 4.

During a visit to the set of THE 100 in the fall, Marie Avgeropoulos spoke to journalists about what’s in store for Olivia.

Lincoln’s Death Still Affects Her. The death of Octavia’s boyfriend at the hands of Pike last season — as well as Octavia’s subsequent murder of Pike — will continue to affect her going forward. “Octavia’s never received any love from any men before other than Bellamy, so to have such a love like that enter her life and then leave so horrifically, it affected her in a really negative way. And, I don’t know, the only way I can really relate it to is like when people use substance abuse or alcohol abuse to deal with things that affected them in bad ways to sort of numb that pain, Octavia does that by executing people and killing them and just you know, using that as an out to not feel things. That’s her next drink, that’s her next drug, so when she does snap out of that it’s a pretty awakening moment for Octavia, and allows for some, you know, real souls searching and almost grieving again for a second time.”

A New Alliance. When asked if Octavia will continue to grow in season 4, Marie crypitcally replied “I can’t tell you if it’s in a positive or negative way, but you do see Octavia and Roan come together and form an alliance that maybe even becomes broken at one point too, so you can see both sides of the story. You’ll have to tune in.” Clearly whatever this alliance is will continue to propel Octavia forward.

Where Does She Belong? “Octavia…never really belonged with Skaikru or Trikru. She was just a part of The 100 and I feel like she’s used to feeling alone and secluded and on her own. I think that’s when her mind is the clearest, because she has such a different opinion on how things should be run and how alliances should be formed….Specifically in Season 4, because of the fact that her mind is so clouded with the devastation of Lincoln and a lot of points in this season, you can just see her not thinking straight. She’s a very stubborn girl too and just thinks her opinion in that moment is always the right one, when that’s not always the case.”

The Dynamic Between Octavia and Clarke. Eliza Taylor (Clarke) said that “I think Octavia has kind of decided that she doesn’t belong to Arkadia. And she doesn’t belong to the Grounders. She’s kind of become this kind of lone wolf, similar to the way that Clarke did at the beginning of season 3. And I think that there’s a very good mutual understanding there with not feeling like you belong and wanting to just kind of disappear and live your own life. With that in mind, while [Octavia and Clarke] don’t particularly see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, I think there is a very subtle mutual respect. They listen to each other, even if they disagree. And yeah, you’ll definitely see more of that.”

The Siblings Relationship. The relationship between Octavia and Bellamy is one that has certain had its ups and downs through THE 100. Bob Morley (Bellamy) said that “That relationship with Octavia is one that I would really like to see develop into a more adult type relationship as opposed to him berating her and her telling him, ‘You can’t tell me what to do.’ That whole back-and-forth dynamic. With her taking this darker turn [lately[ and it being much more of an emotional turn and an outward expression of that, it’s something that Bellamy has experienced before as well, so there’s a level of understanding there. He expresses that. but there’s also a level of loss. I don’t think he necessarily wanted that for her. He said that at the end of season three when they’re barricading the door, ‘I know what it’s like and I just don’t want this for you.’ And then she makes the choice to kill Pike in the end [of season 3]. That’s an indicator to him that she doesn’t really need his advice or listen to his advice anymore. It’s a bit of a blow for him. At some point you do have to take a backseat with the people you care about – you can’t give them the answer, they have to find it themselves. It’s one of those journeys that will take some time. Lots of healing and water under the bridge. It takes its toll. ”

A New Relationship? “Octavia has a pretty significant interaction with one of the male counterparts in a different tribe this season. I can’t tell you more than that, to give it away. No one will ever replace Lincoln. Let’s just face it, so, you know, don’t freak out,” Marie warned fans of her relationship.

Marie Loves Octavia’s Transformation into a Warrior. “It’s been so much fun and rewarding as an actress since we’ve seen the young, adolescent girl that was trapped underneath the floor, that had to rely on other people to survive, to the girl that’s learned to survive her own, and really developed into her own, now young woman. So she’s been a lot fun to play, especially because I’ve learned such random skills to use in my life playing Marie, you know, sword-fighting horse back riding, not very useful in today’s society, but a lot of fun to play on TV.”

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