SWITCHED AT BIRTH Sneak Peek: Regina Makes a Big Decision and Toby Returns Home

switched at birth

Regina is going to take a big step forward in her relationship with Luca in this week’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH. In the clip below she decides to tell the rest of the family about their relationship. But instead of springing it on them, she wants them to get to know Luca first so they won’t freak out about her dating a much younger man. Again, however, we’re reminded how much Luca actually has in common with Daphnie — will that impact Regina’s decision to tell the truth?

Meanwhile, Toby has been absent on this season thus far, but all of that changes when he and Lily return to the U.S. along with their baby. They make the announcement that they want to get married in the Kennish backyard, but a big fight before the wedding could lead to them breaking up.

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