ARROW Sneak Peek: Law & Order

ARROW gets current tonight and tackles the divisive issue of gun control. Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim, penned the episode, which should offer viewers a real-world take on the subject.

Guggenheim spent his early career cutting his teeth on the ripped-from-the-headlines, LAW & ORDER.

Guggenheim wrote and produced one of my favorite LAW & ORDER episodes, aptly titled, “City Hall,” and tonight’s ARROW episode, “Spectre of the Gun,” may remind L&O viewers of that quality.

Watch for Guggenheim, who rarely shied away from hot topics in his pre-sci-fi career, to bring home the emotions when another city hall is attacked… Star City’s.

Tragic memories resurface for Rene (Rick Gonzalez), aka Wild Dog. Gonzalez, who like Guggenheim, is an alum of Kelley/Wolf/Zuiker/Bruckheimer procedurals, should have no problem handling the material.

Flashbacks will reveal how Rene went from everyday family man to gun-toting Wild Dog and give the audience more insight into how and why he has evolved into the man that he is now.

If Rene will be the voice of gun owners’ rights, the clip shows Curtis (Echo Kellum) as the voice of gun control proponents. Recently a victim of assault, Mr. Terrific is not as sure about the “fight fire with fire” approach, and tensions flare in the bunker as the team deals with this timely subject.

Guggenheim shows respect to this real-life discussion by sending Oliver (Stephen Amell), not Green Arrow, to deal with the perpetrator behind the attack.

Sometimes, a “regular guy,” not necessarily a superhero, is the right person to assist in a crisis. (“Regular guy” except his penchant for dressing up in a hood, who is millionaire playboy, good-looking and is in phenomenal shape. You know, just a “regular guy.”)

ARROW also stars David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Josh Segarra and Paul Blackthorne. Guest stars on “Spectre of the Gun” are Bruce Crawford, Lexa Doig, Doris Chase, Eliza Faria, Nisreen Slim and Juliana Harkavy.

Re Harkavy, a shoutout to producers for choosing Dinah Drake, the Golden Age Black Canary, to put BC back on the GA landscape.

ARROW airs tonight (February 15) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW in the U.S. and CTV Two in Canada.

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