DOUBT Sneak Peek: Legal Troubles and Romantic Entanglements


The Brennan family is practically a New York institution. When DOUBT begins, Billy Brennan has been sitting in jail for four months after being arrested for the 1991 death of his girlfriend Amy Meyers. Sadie Ellis, meanwhile, is his brilliant attorney, who believes that he’s been wrongfully accused. After all, he’s an altruistic paediatric surgeon who is asking for updates about his patients just moments before his bail hearing. But years ago Billy was a suspect in Amy’s murder and now the D.A. is claiming that he confessed to an old boarding school classmate when they were teenagers and that this man only came forward now. When we first step into the courtroom the A.D.A. is asking that Billie be held in prison due to his family’s extensive resources, but the judge grants him bail.

Sadie works for Isiah Roth, a liberal and legendary lawyer who lands in prison for calling judges “fascist”. Her co-workers include her BBF, Albert Cobb, along with Cameron Wirth, a transgender Ivy League graduate who fights passionately for her clients since she’s experienced injustice first hand; Tiffany Simon, a second-year associate who is quickly learning the ropes from Wirth; and Nick, a former felon who earned his degree while serving time.

Once Billie is out on bail his interest in Sadie is clear, but she tells him it’s not unusual for clients to fall for their lawyers. She’s fighting her own attraction to him at the beginning, but she starts to give in to it more as time goes by, which puts her in an impossible situation. Did Billie kill his old girlfriend? Is he as innocent as he claims or is he playing everyone?

DOUBT premieres on Wednesday, February 15 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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