SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: A Teachable Moment for Castiel


Castiel hasn’t been with many women on SUPERNATURAL, but an encounter with a waitress in a diner leads to some light flirtation for the angel.

In this week’s episode Mary reaches out to her sons and Castiel for help on a case and another hunter, Wally, joins them. They head to a restaurant for some food and Dean attempts to flirt with the waitress, but she’s more interested in Cas, who flusters when she calls him handsome. Dean and Wally have a few suggestions on how Cas should approach Mandy, but Mary puts a stop to that soon enough.

Later, however, things are not looking up for Castiel, at least according to the photos from the episode. It looks like the angel is infected with something awful and is preparing to die.

Watch a sneak peek below from the February 16 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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