RIVERDALE Preview: Gangs, Drive-Ins and the Mysteries of Miss Grundy’s Past


Jughead is trying to save his beloved drive-in movie theatre on this week’s RIVERDALE. The young writer becomes upset when he learns that the drive-in has been sold and is scheduled to be demolished, so he tries to figure out who the new owner is and stop the project from going forward. At the same time, he organizes one last screening there for the town. We’ll eventually learn how important this drive-in is to Jughead and the reason behind his desperation to save it. In addition, expect to learn more about the history between the Jones and Andrews families.

Meanwhile, Betty is suspicious about Miss Grundy and her motives towards Archie. In fact, she’s supicious about Miss Grundy period. And when she sees the music teacher out for a bite with both Fred and Archie (trust me, it’s awkward), she becomes more determined than ever to figure out who Miss Grundy is. When she sets up a fake interview with the teacher to learn more about her, she discovers a strange connection to Jason Blossom. While Betty is playing detective, her mother is on a mission to expose Archie’s golden boy image and she’s not afraid to user her daughter’s diary to do it.

Finally, Hermione has settled in to her new job as a waitress at Pop’s and both she and Veronica are taking their fall from riches in stride, although Cheryl is being a total snob towards the Lodge women when she discovers Hermione’s new profession. Later, she spots Hermione talking with a shady character — specifically, a member of the Southside Serpent gang — and this sets off alarm bells, both for Cheryl and for Veronica when she gets told about it.

Don’t miss an all new episode of RIVERDALE tonight (February 16) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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