BILLIONS Teasers: The Fight Continues in Season 2….


It’s been three weeks since Axe Capital was demolished at the end of BILLIONS’ first season and the employees are eager to get back to work. A lot of people’s lives have been bruised since the events of the first season and everyone is regrouping as season 2 begins. Below are some teasers about what’s to come in the season premiere for each of the characters and one new face.

Bobby “Axe” Axelrod. Axe is a survivor, as he says in the video above. In season 2 Axe is getting paranoid and he doesn’t want anyone to pitch him any ideas without his new Chief of Staff around to make sure he’s covered legally. He’s determined to go against Chuck full-throttle, but some of his advisors insist he should enjoy his détente and not file a lawsuit, for example. So with some introspection, he comes up with a way to make Chuck gone for good and it involves digging through all of his old cases to find everyone he ever aggrieved. He’s also having Wendy watched and wants to get her back.

Chuck Rhoades. Chuck lost his wife, Wendy, in the battle against Axe in season 1 of BILLIONS, but it’s not going to stop him in his quest to take down Axe. Unfortunately, however, his scorched-earth approach was not effective in accomplishing his goals. Meanwhile, the Office of Professional Responsibility (specifically, an investigator named Oliver Dake) is looking into his recent conduct and he’s moving into the office for the duration of his investigation. But Chuck was warned about him coming and he insists to Oliver that he has nothing to hide, although it’s clear he’s always prided himself on being one step ahead. It’s during an impromptu chess game in a park that Chuck realizes he’s gone about things the wrong way and he’s determined to find a new method. Of course, thanks to Axe he might find that very difficult.

Lara Alexrod. Lara is the very loyal wife of Axe and the loss of her business in season 1 has caused her to go a little stir-crazy in season 2. When we first see her in season 2 she’s trying to take charge at her kids’ school to give herself something to do and assert her power. But until she can find a new way to help contribute to the marriage and get her own business going she’s going to find life a bit difficult.

Wendy Rhoades. Wendy turned out to be a pawn in the fight between Axe and Chuck and once she realized that she chose to leave her husband, Chuck. In season 2 she’s trying to bring her life back together and get her husband to accept their new reality. The two of them are both living part-time in the family home and switching off on nights to keep giving the kids some stability. In terms of a new job, Wendy is giving talks as a performance coach at a new fund and she is always equipped to put cocky bastards in their place. Another hedge fund manager wants to hire her, but she’s set up in her own office to take on individual clients and consultant jobs. Axe comes by to entice her to return to Axe Capital, but Wendy stands firm and refuses his office.

Taylor Mason. Taylor is a new employee at Axe Capital and they is a gender non-bindary individual. They are brilliant and catch Bobby’s eye. You’ll get a hint of what they are capable of in the season premiere, but they won’t really get a chance to shine until a bit later.

Mike “Wags” Wagner. Wags is Axe’s right-hand man and he’s loyal to a fault. Wags is snorting pills and getting himself ready to head back to work (a routine he goes through every morning). He helps explain a lot of new security measures for the fund’s building, which are all in place to ensure the events of season 1 won’t happen again. He’s also determined to drive Axe Capital’s employees to come up with a new, terrific idea that will make them all a lot of money. When there’s an indication that Wendy might not come back, Wags is the one who suggests they hire a new performance coach. He also starts chasing down Raya, a dating app for the wealthy, as a possible new opportunity.

Kate Sacker. Kate is an ambitious lawyer who works for Chuck and he’s teaching her how best to “play the game”. She and Connerty (her co-worker) had a little dalliance last year and tensions are still high between the two. When a high-profile job opens up in the office, she sets her sights on getting it. But can Chuck help her get that new position or will she turn on him as he faces a professional crisis?

Watch sneak peeks from the new season below and tune in for the season 2 premiere of BILLIONS tonight (February 19) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.


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