SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Is Dean Getting Suspicious of Mary?


There’s a lot of complicated family relationships happening in this week’s SUPERNATURAL.

First, Crowley’s family is going to be complete when his son — Gavin — reappears. Gavin, of course, was brought into the present by Crowley and has remained here ever since, which meant he didn’t die in the past as intended. This week, Sam and Dean investigate a case related to the Star, the very ship Gavin was originally supposed to die on. Once they discover that they ask Rowena to help locate her grandson so they can get some information from him.

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Meanwhile, at the beginning of the episode we find the boys heading to their case before they’re really aware of Gavin. They’re discussing the fact that Mary has passed on helping them with this case because she was “too tired”. Sam seems to buy the excuse — after all, hunting is a tiring profession. But Dean seems suspicious that his mother is hiding something from them. Of course, we know the fact that she’s working with the British Men of Letters is the exact thing she’s hiding, but her boys don’t know about that yet. How long before they find out? And will they consider it a betrayal?

A new episode of SUPERNATURAL airs on Thursday, February 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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