Game of Thrones Series Seven Launch Date Leaked?

It’s been a long wait for Game of Thrones fans to find out when the next season is due. But this week gave us the exciting news that series seven could be due to arrive on our TV screens on 25 June 2017.

Thanks to a leak on the iMDB website, a few eagle-eyed fans saw that we could be revisiting the lands of Westeros in less than six months time. It’s been a long wait for fantasy fans as the series usually begins in April. But as the series’ makers wanted snowy scenes, they had to delay filming until the right weather conditions prevailed.

Already there have been many fascinating glimpses of what we can expect from series seven. The last series saw the likes of Daenerys Targaryen making her bid for the iron throne, but as she becomes more empowered there are worries that she could follow the path of her insane father, Aerys, and become a Mad Queen!

Whilst fans have usually been able to read George R. R. Martin’s books to get a taste of what to expect, the TV series has long overtaken the author. And interestingly it looks like series seven won’t be the final season, but it will be shorter than usual and will give us series eight to deliver a bloodthirsty climax to one of the biggest TV shows of all-time.

What Game of Thrones fans are to do after the TV series ends is anybody’s guess. Whilst the Telltale Games episodic video games series and the Game of Thrones slots game at MrSmithCasino can provide solid fantasy-themed entertainment, there are signs that HBO are looking into the option of expanding the Westeros universe a little further.

Already we’ve seen rumours of a prequel spin-off to the TV series. And with HBO’s president saying that they will be holding preliminary ongoing talks into the possibility of a Game of Thrones movie, it looks like the franchise is going to be just as open-ended as the political machinations of House Lannister!

So although there are still doubts over the past and future of favourites like Jon Snow, it seems that thanks to an array of books, games and potential movies, we can expect much more from the Game of Thrones universe in the coming years.

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