SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Sam and Dean Debate Mary’s Choices


Has Mary Winchester lost her sons’ trust on SUPERNATURAL? At the end of the last episode the Winchester matriarch confessed that she has been secretly working with the British Men of Letters to eradicate monsters in the U.S. Sam and Dean were understandably upset by this turn of events. After all, the British Men of Letters — or at least one of their “rogue” members — had tried to kill Sam.

This week we’re going to see more fallout from Mary’s decision in her new hunting buddies and her decision to confess this arrangement to her boys. In an early scene from the episode we see Dean bringing a proposed case to Sam, who doesn’t think it’s their kind of death. Frustrated, Dean demands that Sam find them something to investigate — and something for Dean to hit. But Sam wants to talk about their mother instead, because it looks like they’ve been giving her the cold shoulder for several days. Sam clearly feels more forgiving towards Mary. After all, she’s family and she’s also the mother he never got a chance to know. But Dean feels betrayed by her choice and her secrets.

Based on the producer’s preview below and the photos for the episode, it looks like Dean might be sitting this week’s case out, but Sam appears to join Mary and the British Men of Letters to help eradicate the vampires in the country. The Alpha Vampire, however, returns and has other plans for his “children” and clearly the eradication plan goes horribly wrong.

Watch clips below for the March 2 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • SnazzyO

    Welp. Sam picks a side. But it doesn’t look like a very good side.

    And that kinda pisses me off. Because Sam is just trying to preserve family. And he’s right to try to do this. So, it makes me mad that it appears Sam’s decision goes south.

    Now, I’ll reserve final judgement for when the episode airs. I trust Bobo Berens and if he says to hold off until then, I’ll hold off.

    But I’m worried. I’m worried NONE of our Winchesters (Sam, Dean, or Mary) are getting a “1” in the Win column this week. Then again, if it puts this BMoL ‘cooperation’ to an end, perhaps it’s worth it.

    Still…. nervous.