SUPERNATURAL Recap: Vigorously Vanquishing Vampires


Mary tries to make her case on this week’s SUPERNATURAL. The episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Mary trying to explain why working with the British Men of Letters (BMOL) is a good idea. But Dean and Sam aren’t happy to learn about her team-up, or the fact that the Ramiel debacle from a few weeks ago happened as a result of her keeping secrets.

Some time later, Mary is back to hunting with Mr. Ketch and the pair end up at the BMOL’s base of operations in the U.S. Soon we go back and forth between Mary in the BMOL HQ and the argument she had with her sons — Dean was furious that his mother abandoned them and lied to them and then he told her to leave. She’s been unsuccessfully trying to text him ever since. Meanwhile, Ketch reiterates to Mick that they don’t need Sam and Dean to help them — they already have the “best Winchester”. But apparently the “old men” back in London insist the Winchester boys join their cause so that other American hunters will as well.

Back at the bunker, Dean wants to find a case, but Sam wants to talk about Mary instead. Dean isn’t ready to forgive her, but Sam decides to give his mother a chance when he gets a text from her saying they need to urgently meet. When they reunite she explains that she’s doing all this so they can have a world where her boys don’t have to hunt anymore and she wants him to go inside their HQ and check things out. Sam isn’t happy to meet up with Mick again, but he’s mildly intrigued when Mick talks about them exterminating “every last vampire in America”. How will they accomplish their plan? The BMOL have been eradicating the various nests thanks to some patience and research and they’ve been wildly effective.

Enter the Alpha Vampire (remember him?!) who is stopping by to visit some of his vampire children — the next ones on the BMOL’s target lists.

Dean, meanwhile, is back at home now, and finds a note from Sam saying he’s gone out. Then Ketch stops by and wants to chat. Since he’s come with expensive scotch, Dean lets him in. Things are awkward and Ketch honestly tells Dean he doesn’t want to recruit him, but his bosses do. And joining the team means that Dean will be able to regularly satisfy his killing urges — starting with the group of vampires Ketch is heading out to kill.

Back at HQ, Sam meets another American hunter, Pierce, who is working with the BMOL. And Mick lays the recruitment pitch on thick. At the same time, Dean decides to accompany Ketch to a a vampire nest, but it’s empty. Soon it becomes clear that the vamps Ketch thought he was going to kill have been mobilized by the Alpha against the BMOL and they’re headed straight for HQ. Although, one vampire was left behind at the best and Ketch gets to questioning her, but Dean doesn’t like his tactics, so he asks nicely and finds out where they’re headed.

The BMOL soon realize they’re in trouble and they start locking HQ down. Sam and Mary immediately head out to start killing the vampires, while other members of the BMOL take shelter. One of them is captured and reveals that the Alpha Vampire was the one who told them about the BMOL. Sam isn’t happy that the Alpha is back and he wants to know if Mick has any contingencies. So it’s time for some good old-fashioned actual hunting, but most of the BMOL aren’t equipped for that. What they do have, however, is the Colt and Sam has the instructions on how to make the special Colt bullets (courtesy of Bobby). As the hunters head out to the armory for more weapons, Mick and his team get to bullet-making.

Meanwhile, Dean and Ketch are racing to HQ when Pierce reveals that he’s been working with the Alpha, who quickly vanquishes two of Mick’s employees. And the Alpha isn’t happy now that the BMOL have come stateside. What he wants is for Mick and the BMOL to clear out of the country entirely. But that little plan is interrupted when Mary and Sam storm the room and Sam points the Colt at the Alpha. He wants to make a deal — the Alpha will let Sam and Mary go and the Alpha can take Mick. Cue Mick attacking Sam, but that whole ruse was really just to get Sam the bullet he needed.

And then Sam kills the Alpha Vampire.

The attack is soon over, but there are a few casualties for the BMOL and Mick is shaken. Ketch and Dean arrived after the action was done and Ketch and Mick fight over who is responsible for this debacle. Across the yard the Winchesters have reunited and Dean admits he ran to help to save Mary. She is his mother, after all, and he knows she’s going to make her own choices, even if he doesn’t agree with them.

All of this leads to Sam accepting Mick’s proposal to join forces. The BMOL are changing the world and he wants in. And he thinks he can convince Dean to help.

Hellhounds return in the next episode of SUPERNATURAL airing on Thursday, March 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • SnazzyO

    I was actually okay with Sam letting Mick get eaten and leaving with his Mom.

    A bit cold, but I was Team Alpha Vamp this episode.

    I DID like the way the boys initially handled Mary. Again, a bit cold but she earned that. I liked seeing BAMF Sam pawn those BMoL guys.

    I don’t see how they actually work with the BMoL. I’m calling “NOPE” on that decision.

    Finally, I had to re-watch Dean apologize to Mary because I was pretty outraged the first time. The actual wording of the apology isn’t bad but the optic is. I get him ‘racing to save Mom’. And I get him realizing he wants a relationship with her. But this is ONE time I didn’t need to hear an apology. A “I don’t like how you hunt but I still want you in my life.” would have worked better for me.


    Kudos to Jared Padalecki for showing the gut-shot Sam felt when he found out about the Colt. How is he going to explain THAT to Dean? Fugly, fugly, fugly.

  • SarahJay55

    Yeah, Jared’s reaction to seeing the Colt was masterful – amazing range of emotions.

    But I agree, I was very much Team Alpha vs Mick. I’m warming to Ketch slightly, but overall, the BMoL are a shambles. They may have fun toys, but their intel is almost always lacking, or plain wrong, and they have hardly any competent people ‘in the field’.

    I really don’t understand why Sam changed his mind. What about everything he saw, where *he* saved the day, made him decide it was a good idea to work with them?

  • SnazzyO

    I think Sam is playing a long game. Plus Mary truly believes and he wants to keep and eye on her/them to keep her safe.