SUPERNATURAL Photos: Hellhounds Return

Hellhounds have had a long history on SUPERNATURAL and the invisible creatures are returning in the next episode. The first time we really “met” these creatures was all the way back in the season 2 episode “Crossroad Blues” and they really came into play when they killed Dean and dragged his soul to Hell in order to fulfill his crossroads deal. Always invisible, the Winchesters realized they could actually see these creatures using some special glasses that had been doused with holy oil fire.

In “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”, a hellhound attacks visitors at a campsite and the Winchester brothers investigate the case. Meanwhile, expect Crowley’s big secret (ie. the fact that Lucifer is his prison) to be found out by two of his personal demons. Will they try to free the devil? If they do, will Crowley be able to get him back into his cage? Finally, Castiel is still on the hunt for Kelly Kline and Lucifer’s baby, but will he run into Dagon, who has now taken an interest in protecting Kelly and the nephilim?

Browse through photos above for the March 9 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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