MADAM SECRETARY Sneak Peek: A Modern Romeo and Juliet

madam secretary

The upcoming marriage of two young people from Columbia has the potential to cause an international incident in this week’s MADAM SECRETARY.

Juan-Luis Moreno, the son of President Natalia Moreno, and Soledad Penagos, the daughter of rebel leader Mateo Penagos, have the potential to bring the country back from the brink of a civil war. The United States has helped broker a peace deal between these two opposing parties and the parents and their children are invited to Washington, D.C. to attend a dinner to celebrate the truce. But Soledad goes missing just before the dinner, having seemingly turned into a runaway bride. President Dalton is shocked that the truce is dependent solely on this modern day Romeo and Juliet, but that seems to be the reality of the situation and so everyone in D.C. is on high alert to retrieve Soledad so that the situation can be resolved.

Meanwhile, this love story — and Daisy’s new inter-office romance — leaves Jay grumpy as he deals with his tenuous marital situation. And Henry is getting ready to send his operative undercover.

MADAM SECRETARY airs tonight (March 5) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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