MAKING HISTORY: Meet the Characters

making history

What if you went back in time and did something that prevented the American Revolution from ever beginning? That’s the question at the start of MAKING HISTORY, the new Fox comedy series from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (the brains behind 21 JUMP STREET and THE LEGO MOVIE).

Get to know the show’s main characters below.

Dan Chambers. Dan is a schlub working as a facilities manager at a small Massachusetts college. While he spends his days in the present as a loser, his use of a time machine to travel back to the 1770s means that he finally has a chance to be cool. In fact, he has a beautiful girlfriend, Deborah, and is friends with John Hancock and Samuel Adams. But his romance with Deborah means that her father, Paul Revere, is distracted and doesn’t do his familar ride through town to tell people that “the British are coming”. When Dan realizes he messed up he recruits history professor Chris to go back in time and jump-start the rebellion.

Chris Parrish. Chris is a mild-mannered history professor and he’s not what one could call an adventurous person. But when Dan convinces him to travel back to the 1770s he is thrilled to have access to a time machine. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fit in there, at least until he takes some advice from Dan and uses his knowledge of the future to look “cool”. By the end of the pilot episode Chris volunteers to stay behind to help jump-start the American Revolution.

Deborah. Deborah Revere is a woman ahead of her time — she’s strong and self-assured and doesn’t belong in colonial times. She’s also desperately in love with Dan and eager to travel to the present where she has far more freedom to be an alpha woman.

John Hancock & Samuel Adams. These two founding fathers are quintessential jokers, engaging in crude humor as they haze Chris in the past.

MAKING HISTORY premieres tonight (March 5) at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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