TIME AFTER TIME: H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper Travel Through Time

time after time

H.G. Wells (Freddie Stroma) is a man ahead of his time when TIME AFTER TIME begins. A writer and inventor, he has created a time machine in order to do research for a new book he’s writing on….you guessed it….time travel. Wells is also an idealist who believes in pacficism and thinks that humans will, one day, create a utopia to live in.

Enter his friend Dr. John Stevenson (Josh Bowman), a man Wells doesn’t realize is also Jack the Ripper. Stevenson shows up at his friend’s house one night in the 1880s and gets introduced to Wells’ time machine. When Scotland Yard officers show up at the door after a recent killing and discover the latest murder weapon in Stevenson’s doctor bag, Stevenson escapes to present-day New York City with the help of the machine.

When Wells realizes that his friend is a killer, he arrives in the present to find him. In fact, he arrives smack dab in the middle of an H.G. Wells exhibit at a museum and meets the assistant curator, Jane Walker (Genesis Rodriguez). Circumstances push these two together again, as Wells tries to track down Stevenson in the massive city. He’s also extremely despondent to learn that humanity has not created the utopia he envisioned. In fact, the present is a world far more aligned with Stevenson’s temperament.

Wells also meets Vanessa Anders (Nicole Ari Parker), the CEO of a very wealthy company who also claims to be Wells’ great granddaughter and who seems to know all about Wells traveling through time. With some help from Anders, Wells and Jane continue to chase Stevenson through time to stop him from killing again.

TIME AFTER TIME debuts tonight (March 5) with a two-hour premiere beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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