THE CATCH: Back in Action for Season 2


When we last saw con man Benjamin Jones on THE CATCH, he had turned himself in for art theft in order to save the woman he loved, Alice Vaughan, from getting arrested.

The couple has had their share of ups and downs, but when the show returns for its second season the pair are secure in their relationship. Of course, the biggest impediment to them actually being together is the fact that Ben is in prison. However, Ben and Alice have a plan — one that involves Ben becoming a “good guy” so that he can reunite with Alice after he does his time. At present time they are hoping that Agent Dao can get Ben a deal so that he only serves three to five years. In the meantime, Alice wants to turn her attention to Margot, who has taken over the Kensington Firm. But Ben warns Alice that Margot is not a woman she should be messing with and he doesn’t want her anywhere near his old partner.

Margot, meanwhile, is having trouble establishing herself as the head of the new crime family. As you can see in the preview below her lieutenants aren’t taking her seriously — at least until she literally shoots a man during a meeting — and others are defecting from the organization or their responsibilities.

Back at work, Alice and Valerie are trying to make their company successful again. After the FBI siezed the firm’s computers, files and servers their clients started defecting and their problems are mounting. But they get a new case when Tommy, Alice’s brother, comes to town. Tommy is a bit of a directionless layabout, always looking to borrow money from his far more successful sister. But this time he got notification of an account in his name containing $3 million and the IRS is looking to collect on taxes. The only problem is that Tommy doesn’t know how this money ended up bearing his name, so he hires Alice and Valerie to find the source of the cash.

Finally, we’re also going to be introduced to Agent Diaz in the season 2 premiere and she has an interesting proposition for Ben: come work for the FBI and set up other con men and she’ll arrange for him to get out of prison the very next day. Both Ben and Alice are worried about Ben putting himself in danger just to get out of prison faster, but it’s Rhys who might be the biggest problem in this potential deal.

THE CATCH returns for its second season tonight (March 9) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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