TRIAL & ERROR Sneak Peek: John Lithgow Stars in NBC’s Newest Crime Comedy Series

trial and error

Larry Henderson is a mild-mannered, “rollercizing” poetry professor in a small southern town when we first meet him on TRIAL & ERROR. His wife is also dead and Larry has been arrested for her murder.

Enter Josh Segal, a Northeasterner (a.k.a. Jewish New York lawyer) who is in town prepping the case for his boss. Josh believes in Larry’s innocence, but Larry’s blasé attitude towards Margaret’s death does not make him a good defendant. Josh’s other problem is the team he has assisting him, including Dwayne (his investigator who’s a bit dim) and Anne (his office assistant who suffers from a variety of strange ailments, including faiting at the sight of art). There’s also Summer Henderson, Larry’s daughter from his previous marriage, who pitches in to help with the defense.

Larry and Josh’s biggest problem — aside from a few of Larry’s own secrets — is Carol Anne Keane, the prosecutor who hopes to use this case to launch her campaign for District Attorney. She’s definitely a pitbull and isn’t afraid to do whatever she can to throw the book at Larry.

Don’t miss the two episode series premiere of TRIAL & ERROR on March 14 beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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