DESIGNATED SURVIVOR Sneak Peek: Damage Control


The spring season of DESIGNATED SURVIVOR, just a couple of episodes old, has already taken some explosive turns.

We saw the head of the FBI, Jason Atwood, who claimed responsibility for the Capitol Building bombing to keep his kidnapped son safe, finally found his son dead despite assurances he would be kept alive. We saw FBI agent Hannah Wells, who took on the burden of tracking down the web of leads in the investigation, slammed, bammed, jailed, and just as she was about to arrest Vice President MacLeish for conspiracy, thwarted and then was discovered by the conspirators to be out of jail and an imminent threat.

Then there’s the White House staff. Press Secretary Seth Wright, continually under pressure from surprises, has tried to keep the nation informed while not falling into chaos. Chief of Staff Aaron Shore has tried to help run the Oval Office but has found himself under suspicion in the conspiracy. And Emily Rhodes has turned out to be the only top adviser President Kirkman can trust, who must now keep secrets even from Shore until the full scope of the conspiracy is discovered. Meanwhile, President Kirkman has found rival Speaker Kimble Hookstraten is his one political ally, while he is told by Secret Service to tighten his circle of confidence, not sharing what he knows even with his wife.

Oh! And last week, when Agent Wells caught Vice President MacLeish with compromising evidence in the conspiracy, his wife shot him dead and took her own life. Which brings us to this week: Classified information is let loose by an investigative journalist during a press briefing, putting Seth Wright once more under fire to contain damage from a leak. Agent Wells, meanwhile, digs up new information linking the Vice President to the conspiracy.

Will Kirkman’s presidency ever normalize?

See the preview clip below and watch DESIGNATED SURVIVOR tonight (March 22) at 10:00 p.m. on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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