DESIGNATED SURVIVOR Sneak Peek: New Surprises Arise

designated survivor

President Kirkman seems to roll from one crisis into another in DESIGNATED SURVIVOR. Tonight, just when he thinks he has things under control, new surprises arise.

Last week, as FBI Agent Hannah Wells began to unravel some of the mystery behind the Capitol Building bombing and the part the now dead Vice President MacLeish played in it, new questions emerged. President Kirkman asked her to continue to pursue the case, while the enemies behind the attack learned that Wells was longer in detention and free to act against their plans. Meanwhile, Chief of Staff Aaron Shore was forced to admit he was the source behind a leak into the story that MacLeish had made the controversial shoot-to-kill order, taking out the gunman who had attempted to assassinate President Kirkman. As a result, Kirkman ordered Shore to take some time off and come back to the job rested, an order Shore didn’t take well. In his absence, Kirkman made Adviser Emily Rhodes acting chief of staff. First Lady Alex Kirkman decided it was time to remove the family from their dangerous surroundings, and despite his misgivings, the president agreed, sending Alex and their two children to Camp David to live. And, finally, Kirkman has been having problems filling cabinet positions, so Emily suggested he consult with former President Moss for help.

And this brings us to this week’s episode. President Kirkman turns to an unlikely ally for help when turmoil erupts in an African country, and gets a brutally honest assessment from former President Moss. He confronts a key suspect in the Capitol bombing as Well’s investigation takes a new turn. And Emily Rhodes and Aaron Shore sort out their new roles in the administration. Things don’t get any easier for the Kirkman Administration.

View the sneak peek below and tune in to DESIGNATED SURVIVOR tonight (March 29) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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