SUPERNATURAL Photos: The Search for Kelly Kline and the Return of Eileen

Now that both Sam and Dean Winchesters have agreed to work with the British Men of Letters on SUPERNATURAL (albeit with some reservations in case the BMOL prove untrustworthy), expect the Brits to be inserting themselves into various cases in the weeks to come. We’ve seen Mick hunt werewolves with the boys (and Claire), but they won’t just be stopping there. In fact, that experience seems to have opened Mick’s eyes up to the fact that dealing with monsters isn’t always black and white.

But in an early April episode titled “The British Invasion”, the Winchester brothers get a lead on Kelly Kline. Before they head out Mick stops by the bunker and asks to join the hunt. But how will the BMOL react when confronted with the mother of Lucifer’s child? From the looks of a stern British lady below, Mick becoming too chummy with the brothers isn’t allowed, so will he turn on them?

We’re also going to see the return of Eileen in this episode — the deaf hunter from the banshee episode.

Browse through photos above for the April 6 episode of SUPERNATURAL airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • LD

    Should be a good episode and I’m super excited to see Eileen, but if this is an episode about hunting Kelly Kline then Cas really ought to be there, since that’s been a big part of what he’s been working on this season.

  • CyanaT

    Cas is back guaranteed in 12.19 – he’s still presumably in Heaven searching for a way to power up to deal with Lucifer’s child.