SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Hungover with the Winchesters


Mick is becoming chummy with the Winchester brothers after last week’s SUPERNATURAL. This week he heads to the bunker and, apparently, tries to drink both Sam and Dean under the table. The next morning the brothers are hungover and are asking each other if they’ve heard from Mary lately when Mick walks into the kitchen to announce that Mary and Ketch are “quite the team”.

That’s not what Dean, in particular, wants to hear. But Dean’s concern gets interrupted by some backstory from Mick: he was an orphan who was recruited by the Men of Letters when he picked a member’s pocket. When the British Men of Letters decided he showed promise, they brought him into the fold.

It’s clear that this story will play into what looks like the big events of this episode. A producer’s preview for this week’s SUPERNATURAL shows that the Brits back home are getting antsy with how things are proceeding in America and they order Mick to get the brothers in line or turn them over to Ketch for elimination. But Mick has befriended Sam and Dean and seems open to the possibility that there are other ways to do this job than the code that the British Men of Letters live by. Then again, the BMOL gave Mick a chance at a real life, so it’s understandable why he might feel conflicted between helping the organization that saved him and protecting the two men he’s grown to like.

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