PRISON BREAK Recap: The First Step to Freedom

prison break

Michael Scofield denied his brother and refused his name last week, but don’t worry, PRISON BREAK fans, he was just foolin’ us! Of course Michael knows who he is. We can tell you who he’s not, however: Kaniel Outis. But we’ll get back to that soon enough.

We open this week’s PRISON BREAK with a little news tutorial on Abu Ramal — a terrorist who also happens to be in Ogygia prison. Inside the prison we see Michael remove a grate in his cell’s ceiling. He and one of his cellmates, Whip, crawl up through the prison and discuss breaking out of other prisons. Is that what Michael has been up to since we last saw him? We don’t know yet, but we do know that they’re testing the prison’s security system. Unfortunately, their hope that the prison’s lights will go out doesn’t come through. Whip isn’t eager to return back to the cell, however, complaining that “Poseidon” has left them there to die. Fortunately, Michael has another card left to play.

Back at the hotel, C-Note is briefing Link on Outis’ crimes when Linc receives a note from one of Michael’s little messengers. It says “find the sheik of light and I will be free”. Linc thinks that his brother is worried about someone intercepting his messages and C-Note says they need help: Sheba. But Linc needs to convince her that they’re worth helping. Sheba, meanwhile, has her own problems. She’s worried about getting her family out of Yemen and Linc offers her the one thing she needs to do that: money.

Back in the US, Sara is dropping off her son at school when Linc sends her the video of Michael. When she heads to the State Department to see if she can get the government’s help in retrieving Michael she comes across Paul Kellerman. She doesn’t want anything to do with him, but he has information she needs. He shows her that Michael’s identity is being erased and he’s now known as Kaniel Outis. Kellerman also insinuates that Michael is one of the only people capable of changing his identity like this, but Sara is done with him. Later he sends her photos showing that Michael had supposedly assassinated the former Deputy Chief of the CIA. But Sara knows how Lincoln was framed and she doesn’t believe that Michael is a stone cold killer.

As the prisoners hear more explosions from within the prison, Michael is still confident they’re going to escape. One of his cellmates, Sid, who has been imprisoned because of his homosexuality, was responsible for getting the lights turned off and he’s desperate to escape before Ramal gets out of solitary confinement. While waiting for the next step, Michael convinces one of his cellmates, Ja, to let him borrow his cell phone and credit card. He uses them to send a message to Mike and Sara back in Ithaca: “Hide everyone. A storm is coming”.

Outside, Sheba discovers that the “shiek of light” is a man at the Department of Electrical Works (who happens to Sid’s father). Unfortunately, the man they’re looking for has gone into the suburbs — where the civil war is concentrated — to help his daughter. Lincoln and C-Note travel there with Sheba and manage to save both the daughter and father (along with other people trapped inside the suburbs). The sheik tells the boys about the plan to kill the prison lights and Lincoln tells him he needs to see the plan through.

Back inside Ogygia the lights pulse on and off in the signal that the escape is on and Abu Ramal and his men get released from solitary. But while Michael’s cellmate is worried that Ramal will kill him and Michael, Ramal actually embraces Michael like an old friend and Michael tells him they’re getting out. Has Michael become friends with terrorists? Or has he befriended another bad man like T-Bag as a necessary evil?

Don’t miss an all new episode of PRISON BREAK airing on April 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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