SWITCHED AT BIRTH Series Finale Sneak Peek: Five Years Later

switched at birth

The end is night, SWITCHED AT BIRTH fans. Tonight the series finale is upon us. Are you ready?

In the super-sized 90 minute episode, titled “Long Live Love”, Kathryn and Regina reminisce on the fact that it’s been five years in the show’s timeline since they first learned about the switch. As the women point out, they’ve come a very long way since that big discovery was revealed and now their families are closer than ever. Kathryn becomes very nostaglic after this talk, but this also leads to the discovery of a long buried family secret — stretching all the way back to the switch — that could change everything for this family.

Meanwhile, Daphne is competing against her ex-boyfriend Mungo for a coveted six-week paid internship in sports medicine. And Bay is struggling to prove herself as an artist to her father. Her boss suggests that she try to ink a celebrity so that her career can really start to take off.

And Toby will be meeting with a young woman named Amelia (guest star Lauren Potter, GLEE), who has Down Syndrome and really changes his perception about his son’s future. Finally, there’s Travis, who has offered a job in Japan at the end of the last episode. Will he take it and end his relationship with Bay?

Don’t miss the series finale of SWITCHED AT BIRTH tonight (April 11) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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