OUTLANDER Season 3 Preview: Trying to Find One Another Again


Season 2 of OUTLANDER showed us the return of Claire to her present-day life. With war bearing down on Scotland, Jamie begged Claire to return to her own time in order to save her and their child. After returning home Claire spent decades believing that Jamie had died in the battle of Culloden. Returning to Scotland many years later with her grown-up daughter, Brienne, Claire was shocked to learn that there was a possibility that Jamie had not died….and there was also a possibility she could be reunited with him.

Season 3 is all about that possible reunion and now Starz has given us a peak at the upcoming season. We’re going back in time a little bit again when season 3 picks up in 1948. Pregnant with Jamie’s child, Claire must adjust to life in the 20th century with her first husband, Frank. Back in the 18th century, Jamie is reeling from his loss at the battle of Culloden. Years pass as the two rebuild their lives away from one another. But with a chance for a reunion looming, can this couple go back to their lives together?

OUTLANDER returns with an all new season in September 2017.

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