iZOMBIE Preview: Peyton’s Friendship With Blaine Grows and Liv Gets Zen


Clive and Liv investigation the death of a lifestyle guru in this week’s iZOMBIE, causing Liv to take a zen approach to life after eating the victim’s brains.

Elsewhere in the episode, Peyton and Blaine grow even closer. Expect to see Peyton meeting with Blaine’s father tonight. During a visit to the set Aly Michalka said that this encounter will help Peyton understand why Blaine was the type of man he used to be: “We do have a scene with me and Blaine’s father and Blaine. But he’s not really using me against Blaine. I think it’s me being able to see Blaine’s past and the childhood he probably came up in. And by finding that out, [Peyton’s] able to have a little more sympathy for the choices he made in his life. And probably the reason he got caught up on the wrong side is because he had a horrible father who probably wasn’t a great father figure. I think if anything, seeing him, makes Peyton feel more sorry for Blaine.

Finally, the issue of the cure is going to play a part in tonight’s episode, particularly as Major’s time may be coming to an end. In fact, the fact that Major has a possible looming deadline is a big motivating factor for Ravi to figure out the cure once and for all, but the possibility of Major losing his memory is a big issue. Rahul Kohli said that “At the moment the best that we can do is cure it, but [you’ll] lose your memory, and that’s the situation that we’ve had which is why no one else has taken the cure like Liv. So Major’s borrowed time and his journey and what he goes through will obviously motivate Ravi’s need to get [cracking]. The last thing anyone wants right now, I mean, it’s almost like wake up. “Do you want to be who you are?” He’s dying regardless because he’s on borrowed time, but lose the Major we know and have a cured dude who doesn’t remember anything, doesn’t remember us, doesn’t remember Liv, or does he give in and we just lose Major altogether and he keeps his faculties until the very end? That’s kind of the dynamic they are in.”

Don’t miss an all new episode of iZOMBIE tonight (April 18) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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