SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Castiel Returns With a Plan


Castiel returns from Heaven in this week’s SUPERNATURAL and he’s come equipped with a new plan to deal with Kelly and her devil spawn.

We begin this week’s episode with the Winchester brothers discussing the nephilim situation. Apparently Sam has been digging into the research and learned that nephilims don’t need 9 months of gestation. In fact, he predicts that the child will be born on May 18 — which just so happens to be the night of the SUPERNATURAL two-hour season finale (coincidence, isn’t it?).

However, Sam and Dean still aren’t entirely sure what they’ll do with the baby once it’s born. Can they kill it? Do they have to? Enter Cas, who has returned from his little side trip back to angel land (where the phone reception is terrible, by the way). Will his plans for Kelly clash with those of the Winchesters? Only time will tell.

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