THE 100 Sneak Peek: Fight to Live or Fight to Die

the 100

After a month long break, THE 100 finally returns tonight with the episode “DNR,” which stands for the acronym and medical term “do not resuscitate.” This week’s episode is written by Miranda Kwok, a newcomer to the series who will also be back next year, and directed by Mairzee Almas. And as we’ll soon find out, there’s a whole lot in the world of Skaikru that could use resuscitating.

When we last saw the gang, Jaha, Monty, Kane and Indra had just discovered a secret Second Dawn bunker in Polis where 1200 people can gather to ride out the coming apocalypse. It’s quite a blessing after a number of setbacks have left them with no other options for survival. Only problem is that Clarke has already formed an alliance with King Roan and Azgeda, one which Trikru says they absolutely won’t allow. It’s now everyone for themselves and may the best clan win.

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Meanwhile, not everyone is so excited to spend the next five years trapped within six walls again, particularly those who have already spent most of their lives on the Ark. Jasper, Harper and a number of others in what’s left of Arkadia lock themselves in a room, refusing to go and find refuge at Polis. Monty will have to try and convince them that it’s better to go and fight for their lives then stay and die.

At Becca’s lab, Raven has started hallucinating that the scientist and first commander is there and speaking to her. Maybe Becca will have the answers that will save them or this could be a sign that Raven’s mental state is getting much worse. Hopefully, Murphy and Emori are around and able to help her out.

Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (April 26) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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