LUCIFER Teasers: Returning to Los Angeles


It’s been two weeks since Lucifer left Los Angels and Charlotte is frustrated that her son has abandoned her, while Maze is gleeful that dear old Mom is on the outs with her son. The show has teased that God may make an appearance this season, but before we get to that we’ve got to deal with Lucifer’s return to the City of Angels this week.

The Case of the Week. An up-and-coming guitarist, Ash, is murdered and the rest of his bandmates are worried that his death will ruin their chances of making it big. Ash’s ex, Courtney, had a terribly violent relationship with him, making her a prime suspect. Enter Lucifer, who arrives home just in the knick of time to help solve the murder.

Arm Candy. Lucifer has returned, but he’s not alone. In fact, a beautiful blonde exotic dancer named Candy has accompanied him back to town. And she’s his *wife*. Needless to say, Chloe is having none of this new situation, particularly after Lucifer disappeared without word for several weeks and comes waltzing back into down with a new wife on his arm. She’s also determined to block Lucifer from working on cases with her again, having felt let down by him. But Lucifer wants to stay in Chloe and Dan’s face until they let him back on the case, so he suggests that he and Candy go undercover to help solve the murder.

Family Problems. Charlotte also reacts with shock when she learns about her son’s new wife, but she and Maze both seem convinced that Candy is part of some agenda Lucifer has concocted. So Charlotte takes Candy shopping to see what she can learn. Meanwhile, Amenadiel just believes Lucifer is doing whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences. However, the reasons for his recent behavior will become very clear.

Looking to the Future. Charlotte’s plan to stage a coup against Heaven hasn’t gone away and we learn there’s one important tool she’ll need to accomplish it. But….can she convince Lucifer to join in on her plan?

Make sure to tune in to see Lucifer belt out a Bangles song, which is about as awesome as it sounds. Don’t miss the return of LUCIFER tonight (May 1) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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