13 REASONS WHY Renewed for Season 2


13 REASONS WHY has officially been renewed for a second season on Netflix. Season 2 will consist of 13 hour long episodes and “picks up in the aftermath of Hannah Baker’s death and the start of the characters’ complicated journeys toward healing and recovery”.

Season 1 ended with several cliffhanger. Hannah’s parents finally learned the reasons that led to their daughter’s suicide, Bryce’s┬árapes against both Hannah and Jessica had been exposed among the group of friends (leading to questions about whether the police could become involved), and Alex was shot in the head — although it’s unclear if he tried to take his own life as well. Presumably season 2 would help to answer the questions that remained, although it’s unclear the role that Hannah (and her actress) would play in the season.

13 REASONS WHY will return for its second season in 2018.

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