CHICAGO FIRE Sneak Peek: Job on the Line

chicago fire

And we’re back! On this week’s CHICAGO FIRE Cruz’s job is on the line after a “dust up” at a club where he works. Apparently Cruz has been charged with conduct unbecoming and, according to Chief Boden, a hearing will decide if Cruz simply gets a slap on the wrist, or if he will end up getting fired.

This is obviously upsetting to Cruz, who is confused how a minor scuffle at a club could lead to such extreme consequences. He was sure that he didn’t have any logo identifying him as a CFO — but when Boden asks him to lift up his sleeve, a tattoo is exposed that could have revealed his identity. Unfortunately for Cruz, even though he didn’t appear to do anything wrong he may have to leave the CFD indefinitely.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Gabby and Sophie arrive at someones home who appears to be either dead or sleeping. After a quick jump scare when he wakes up, they ask the man if he is alright. However, when he tries to reply there is something stuck in his mouth, Sophie says it has “quite the odor” and tries to get a better look. It’s only when Gabby attempts to remove the blockage that she realizes the green, slimy, obtrusive object is actually the man’s tongue!

Catch an all-new CHICAGO FIRE tonight (May 9) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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