THE 100 Sneak Peek: No Turning Back Now

the 100

Last week’s episode of THE 100 was the end of the road for many of our favorite new characters. Ilian, Roan, Luna and nine other warriors died in the conclave, leaving Octavia the victor and Skaikru the rightful owners of the Second Dawn bunker to ride out the coming nuclear apocalypse. Yet in a surprising move, at the last minute Octavia decided to open up the bunker to everyone, proclaiming, “I was fighting for us all!” Too bad Clarke and Jaha had already secretly taken the bunker for themselves and locked their people inside.

Tonight Clarke will face the consequences of her fateful choice. In this week’s episode, written by Shawna Benson and Julie Benson and directed by star Henry Ian Cusick (Kane), the radiation levels on the ground are becoming critical. Trapped inside the bunker, Bellamy is desperate to find out what happened to his sister. However, if they open the door, the people outside will stop at nothing to get in. Clarke must make a choice on whether to stop her strongest ally.

Still Bellamy isn’t the only person separated from someone they love. In a new clip from the episode, we see Clarke’s mom Abby isn’t happy to be locked inside while Kane is above ground. She isn’t willing to let Jaha tell her what to do like he used to do on the Ark. It’s a very different life down on Earth.

Open up and they all die. Or survive with the knowledge their loved ones died in their place. Watch some sneak peeks from the new episode below. THE 100 airs tonight (May 10) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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