CHICAGO MED Sneak Peeks: Don’t Miss the Season 2 Finale

chicago med

Things are tense for some of the CHICAGO MED doctors as they have to face different ways to diagnose, personal issues, and a potentially new and unwelcoming face into the OR.

After she experiences a major setback her first night back in Connor’s loft, Robin ends up back in CHICAGO MED as her condition seems to grow more serious with new complications popping up and her doctors begin their observations. As Dr. Reese attempts a different approach when it comes to Robin’s treatment, Dr. Charles becomes so distracted by the worry for his daughter’s worsening condition that Ms. Goodwin takes him to task. While Robin’s in the hospital, Dr. Latham introduces Dr. Rhodes to a new surgical fellow who seems to be on the more competitive side. With everything that’s going on, will he be able to keep up?

Elsewhere at the hospital, Dr. Halstead and Dr. Manning have to work together on one of the latest ED patients — a Syrian refugee who was hit by a car — without any medical records they can work with. Noah’s also hosting a graduation party and everyone is seemingly invited.

Watch CHICAGO MED tonight (May 11) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. And in case you missed the news, CHICAGO MED was recently renewed for an upcoming third season.

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