GHOSTED: First Look at Fox’s New Paranormal Comedy Series


GHOSTED is all about an unlikely partnership between two polar opposite individuals who are tasked with an unlikely missing: saving the human race from aliens.

Leroy Wright is a skeptic and a former missing persons detective who believes that aliens are nothing more than fiction. Then there’s Max Jennifer, a true believer in the paranomal who thinks that his wife was abducted by aliens.

Both down on their luck, the pair are recruited by Captain Ava Lafrey, a former Air Force test pilot who is also the head of the Bureau Underground, a secret government organization that investigates paranormal cases. Her staff includes Barry Shaw, an overly friendly forensic pathologst and Delilah Ward, an opinionated tech specialist. Together this team will help support Leroy and Max as they search for answers about unexplained activity in Los Angeles.

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GHOSTED stars Craig Robinson (THE OFFICE) as Leroy Wright, Adam Scott (PARKS AND RECREATION) as Max Jennifer, Ally Walker as Captain Ava Lafrey, Adeel Akhtar as Barry Shaw. Tom Gormican, Kevin Etten, Craig Robinson, Adam Scott, Naomi Scott, Oly Obst and Mark Schulman will serve as executive producers.

GHOSTED will air Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT this fall on Fox (see Fox’s full 2017 fall schedule).

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