SCORPION Season Finale Sneak Peek: Will Team Scorpion Make it Off The Island?


Team Scorpion found themselves in a predicament in the penultimate episode of the season when they found themselves marooned on an island. Despite overcoming several pressing hurdles (like saving a pilot’s life), the biggest problem still remains: how do they get off the island?

As we saw at the end of last week, sending up a flare to signal a nearby boat didn’t help and now the group has been stranded on the island for 3 weeks. They’ve gotten the hang of fishing and have figured out the drinking water situation, but things are becoming more dire. Sly seems to have lost his mind while huddling out in the bunker and Toby and Walter are at each other’s throats after their plans to make it off the island have failed. And then there’s Paige and Walter’s budding new relationship. As Ralph pointed out, this whole island debacle has the potential to break up the pair before they really get started.

Will Team Scorpion make it off the island? Will Paige and Walter remain a couple going into season 4 (because, yes, SCORPION has been renewed for another season)? Tune in to the SCORPION season finale tonight (May 15) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS to find out.

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