CHICAGO FIRE Season Finale Sneak Peek: Take Me Out To the Ballgame

chicago fire

This week the season finale of CHICAGO FIRE follows the harrowing experience of a young boy named Hogan and his love of baseball. Trapped in a burning car, Herman and the team work quickly to try and free him, despite a trapped arm. But as the flames grow and the fire extinguishers empty, Herman is forced to grab the boy and bring him to safety himself.

After exiting the vehicle and getting his injured arm assessed and dressed by Gabby, the boy informs Herman that his valuable collection of signed baseball cards are in the now engulfed car. Turns out this is a shared interest and the boy, his father, and Herman exchange a few moments of banter about the Cubs and their favorite players before the kid heads off for the hospital.

The adventure for young Hogan continues, but this time in a much more positive way. Entering the baseball stadium with his dad and a few of 51’s finest, he gets to meet his favorite player, Chris Bryant, and even gets him to sign his cast! After a few more (appropriately star-struck) interactions between the firefighters and the Cubs, Hogan asks the real hero of the story, Herman, to sign his cast too. A heartfelt ending to a possibly distressing ordeal.

Catch the season finale of CHICAGO FIRE tonight (May 16) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC! CHICAGO FIRE has also been renewed for another season and will return in the fall.

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