DECEPTION: First Look at ABC’s New Illusionist Drama Series


Cameron Black is the world’s greatest illusionist. Or, at least he was before his biggest trick was exposed to the world and his career was destroyed. But Cameron believes this wasn’t an accident and that a criminal illusionist engineered his downfall. Now Cameron is determined to unmask the person who took him down.

Meanwhile, outside New York an FBI jet explodes in a hangar. Since the jet was transporting a cartel boss to prison, the FBI believes that the boss is now dead. But Cameron knows the jet didn’t blow up — it was just an illusion and the jet simply disappeared. Is the same criminal mastermind behind this illusion as well? If Cameron wants answers he must convince FBI agent Kay Daniels that he can help her find the cartel boss.

But Cameron isn’t exactly FBI material. His showmanship irritates Kay and her superiors. Still, he’s the best chance she has to capture the cartel boss. And Cameron comes with a built-in team who can build any trick or illusion for him. Meanwhile, Kay has her partner, Special Agent Mike Alvarez, who just so happens to be Cameron’s biggest fan. As the FBI becomes impressed with the work of both teams, they put together the Deception Group.

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DECEPTION stars Jack Cutmore-Scott, IIfenesh Hadera, Lenora Crichlow, Justin Chon, Vinnie Jones, Amaury Nolasco and Laila Robins. Chris Fedak (CHUCK), Martin Gero (BLINDSPOT), David Kwong (NOW YOU SEE ME) and Greg Berlanti (THE FLASH, ARROW) will serve as executive producers.

DECEPTION will air midseason on ABC (see ABC’s full fall 2017 schedule).

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